I, myself, has never asked and offered to artists under exclusive contract – obviously signed in art galleries, associations or people in the sector, etc … – projects or anything else linked to Art.

Everything is always been manifested and proposed directly, even to those who are now talking in a negative way, or are going to talk about.
Never, I has not moved improperly, because all the situations/projects have always been communicated, externalized and revealed directly. I has also been necessary to gloss over … negativity … listened precisely towards these people in charge.

The artists, without a contract, are free to decide and sign a project freely, from the exhibition, the catalog, the magazine, the event, etc. etc.

As a result, any such situation is rejected to the sender with seriousness and firmness.
Furthermore, to affirm that
I can end badly, it besides activates ways of protection and it is not appropriate for those who are pointing it out.

We suggest to activate a personal analysis to establish the quality of the service to these various third parties are offering in Italy and worldwide.

I don’t like these way of communications, but now the “haters” approach and logic must end.

Thank you for your attention and I am ready for further clarification in a polite, noble but above all civil way, because we are in the 2000s.