Cinzia Bulone Oneiric Secrets

Full rich of content and symbolism, the works of sicilian artist Cinzia Bulone live in a visual perception crossed by an overall abstraction. Permeated by more or less explicit figurative elements, she develops in a constant balance hidden within each work through concepts, enigmas and small secrets. Starting from the statement of the American literary critic Stephen Jay Greenblatt who wrote “the art always insinuates itself into the particular splits of psychic life”, the painter Bulone places in her canvases mental universes able to enclose moods along suspended atmospheres. It is denoted as surreal auras echoing, although in different styles, energies and spells perceptible in Dalì’s works are almost haphazardly placed in the surface. For the first time in Treviso, Casa dei Carraresi ground floor, about thirty works by Cinzia are exhibited at Marca Trevigiana area.

Cinzia Bulone “Oneiric Secrets”. Casa dei Carraresi, Treviso. 31/8 – 17/9/2019.


Cinzia Bulone Grovigli cerebrali, 2018, cm 80 x 80, olio su tela