– Thanks to Gianfranco Meggiato for his kindness and willingness to grant, for photographic purposes, the sculpture “Essenza”.

“Sfera Essenza”, year 2011, diameter 80 cm, edition 1 of 9.

Exhibitions: Art Manege 2011 Moscow, Rusnano Center for Nanotechnologies of the Russian Federation Moscow, Rubliovka Moscow, Capri Art Gallery Positano. (Gianfranco Meggiato official).

– A dedication to the friend Fabiola B. who, with great dedication and professionalism, has realized my thoughts language. A huge support at the level of advice, creation and patience.

–  Thanks to make possible the creation and the design of this project. A web portal that undoubtedly, in the contacts displayed in recent years, has become a source of inspiration for art critics, journalists, curators and entrepreneurs who seek ideas on the web for a possible and probable lack of creativity.