Pop Andrea Marchesini Surreal by Alain Chivilò


“Pop Surreal” is the title but at the same time the codification, in which the art critic and curator dr Alain Chivilò has literally coined reference to the artistic process of the painter Andrea Marchesini. In fact, the historiographical investigation puts in him evident surrealist connotations linked to strong colors coming from Pop for new expressive forms that are original and reinterpreted at the same time. Cellular worlds from Salvador Dalì arias resound mental figurations through labyrinths of thought. For the first time in Treviso at the historic Casa dei Carraresi, in the areas of the first floor and Architecture hall, Andrea Marchesini exhibits around thirty new works by Alain Chivilò.

Andrea Marchesini “Pop Surreal”. Opening Saturday 11 May at 6.00 pm at Casa dei Carraresi, Treviso. 6 – 20/5/2019.